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The Mowbray Legacy - Foreword

I first met Marilyn Roberts when I was Curator at Epworth Old Rectory, and during one of her visits there showed her a copy of the Sarum (Salisbury) Magna Carta, which was on display. I was aware that the Mowbray family had at one time lived on the land at the rear of the Old Rectory – we had an ancient floor tile bearing the Mowbray lion on display in one of the rooms – and I was also aware that there was a connection between the Mowbrays and the Magna Carta.

This was the start of Marilyn’s extraordinary and enthusiastic research into the Mowbray family, which has resulted in the publication of this magnificent book. She has travelled many miles and spent endless hours researching and confirming the information and I am amazed at her stamina and tenacity that have at last paid off with the revelation of hitherto little-known facts, including references to royalty, and important American connections.

The Mowbrays, who had control of the Isle of Axholme for nearly four hundred years, have proved to be one of the most notable and interesting families in the history of this country and I strongly recommend this book, which will add considerably to the fund of local knowledge.   

Andrew Milson

Formerly Curator of the Old Rectory, Epworth

May 2004


If you are about to read this book for the first time, I envy you.

Andrew Milson, former Curator of the Old Rectory at Epworth, home of the Wesleys.

Speaking at the launch of The Mowbray Legacy, July 2004


This is the first major work on the Isle of Axholme and the Mowbrays since Stonehouse in 1839.

Peter Frost, Head Librarian at the Mechanics’ Institute, Epworth.

Speaking at the launch of The Mowbray Legacy, July 2004


The author makes a full and detailed study of this family. Additionally, trouble has been taken to show that such diverse people as Audrey Hepburn, Princess Diana and George Bush can be traced back to the Mowbrays.

Rev. Derek Brown, Vicar, St. Andrew’s Church, Epworth


It was to have been put away for my winter reading, but I can't stop dipping into it now!

A purchaser from Framlingham


Thank you so much for this wonderful book - I’ve had to tear myself away from it to write to you, and now I’m going straight back to it!

Janice Brown, Hastings


I am thrilled that someone has taken the initiative to do some research and put the story together.

Andrew Mowbray, Australia


Your book would be a big boon to American descendants who want detailed information on their family

history… it is an important reference that I am proud to have in my library and will heartily recommend.

Paula Simmons, USA


There’s a wealth of background information to set the scene for us.

Richard Walters, Canada


The Tables of the famous descendants are fantastic! A lot of hard work has gone into these.

Julie Smart, London


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