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The Mowbray Legacy - Genealogical Tables

Showing the Mowbray Family’s links to royal and noble houses, Presidents of the United States and Hollywood film stars. (In addition, there are 14 lesser tables.)

I The Mowbray Family and Some of Their Descendants as Far as Queen Elizabeth I

II The Mowbray Family – Connections Revealed So Far

III Some Intermarriages Affecting Mowbray Loyalties and Relationships

IV The Mowbray Ancestry of Anne Boleyn and Her Daughter Queen Elizabeth I

V The Mowbray Family, the House of Tudor and Lady Jane Grey

VI Mowbray Blood in the Veins of Queen Elizabeth’s Courtiers

VII Descent of the Present Royal Family from the Mowbray and Ogle Families Through H.M. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother

VIII Lady Diana Frances Spencer, Princess of Wales

IX Sarah Margaret Ferguson, Duchess of York

X Sir Geoffrey de Havilland, Olivia de Havilland, Joan Fontaine, C.S. Lewis, and Sophie Rhys-Jones

XI Audrey Hepburn (Edda Kathleen van Heemstra Hepburn-Ruston)

XII The Rt. Hon. Sir Anthony Eden, Prime Minister, Earl of Avon

XIII Sir Winston Churchill, Prime Minister (Fitzalan-Goushill line)

Presidents of the United States

XIV George Washington

XV Thomas Jefferson

XVI The Harrison Presidents and General Robert E. Lee

XVII Grover Cleveland

XVIII The Ancestry of Edith Bolling (Mrs. Woodrow Wilson)

XIX James Madison and Zachary Taylor (Fitzalan-Goushill line)

XX George Herbert Walker Bush, George Walker Bush and Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Fitzalan-Goushill line)

XXI George Herbert Walker Bush and George Walker Bush (Mowbray line)   

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